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Optogenetics, projector, lcd projector, C. Elegans, Neuron, Muscle, optogenetic reagants, Stimulation, Silencing

LCD Projector Used to Control Brain & Muscles of Tiny Organisms


Researchers are using inexpensive LCD projectors to control the brain and muscles of tiny organisms, including freely moving worms. This technology advances the field of optogenetics, which has given researchers unparalleled control over brain circuits in laboratory animals.



Iphone, Apple Computer, Verizon, ATT, University Of Maryland, Mobile Communication, Robert H. Smith School Of Business, Steve, Steve Jobs

Marketing Expert Says Verizon’s Success with iPhone Will Depend on Performance


The impact of iPhone 4 release by Verizon on the competitive landscape boils down to one word: performance. That is, the performance of iPhone 4 on Verizon's CDMA wireless communications network.



The American Institute of Physics , Review of Scientific Instruments, Spectroscopy, German Research Foundation and Germany’s Excellence Initiative

Off-The-Shelf Electronics Turn Up Gain on Spectroscopy

A new twist on spectroscopy, described in the journal Review of Scientific Instruments, allows for an unprecedented level of such filtering, one that could transform everything from the search for extraterrestrial intelligence to super-sensitive spy gear to scan hotel rooms for hidden microphones or cameras.



Liquid Lens, Mechanical Engineering, Darpa, Drug Delivery, Microfluidics, Opthamology, Biotechnology

“Liquid Pistons” Could Drive New Advances in Camera Lenses and Drug Delivery


A few unassuming drops of liquid locked in a very precise game of “follow the leader” could one day be found in mobile phone cameras, medical imaging equipment, implantable drug delivery devices, and even implantable eye lenses. DARPA-funded study published in the peer-reviewed journal, Lab on a Chip.



Florida State University, Emmanuel G. Collins, College Of Engineering, Center for Intelligent Systems, Control and Robotics

Researchers Helping Electric-Wheelchair Users Move More Easily

Thick gravel, mud, snow, steep ramps or hills . . . They might get a pedestrian a little dirty or out of breath, but to someone in an electric wheelchair, they could mean terrain that’s simply too difficult to cross alone.



business technology

Professor Predicts Business Technological Trends for 2011

So what are the next big things for business in 2011? Brian Mennecke, an Iowa State University management information systems professor, has some ideas.


Pop Culture


disabled veterans, Computer Science, Computer Programming, Computer Software, Disability, Communication, Software Engineering, speech generation software

Geeks Help Disabled Veterans Gain Independence

Computer science might not be the obvious major for students looking to change the world. But two teams of University at Buffalo students are proving that programming can translate into compassion.



Global Health, Engineering, Technology, Water Bottles, Water Borne Bacterial Disease, Water Contamination, Water Testing, Crowdsourcing

Students’ Water-Testing Tool Wins $40,000, Launches Nonprofit

Engineering students won an international contest for designing a system to tell when water disinfected by solar rays is safe to drink. They share a $40,000 prize from the Rockefeller Foundation and are working with nonprofits to turn their concept into a reality.



Cognitive Science, cognitive robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Cognition, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

New Cognitive Robotics Lab Tests Theories of Human Thought


A new cognitive robotics lab at Rensselaer allows students to put theories of cognition to a real-world test.



4G networks, Facebook, Internet telephony, Gallium Nitride, superscalar machines, Predator, Facts, charge-coupled device

The Top 11 Technologies of the Decade

This month IEEE Spectrum reviews the most important innovations that came of age in the past 10 years, based on their influence, usefulness, and sheer technical coolness.

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