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Implants, Coatings, Orthopaedic, hip, Replacement

Coating process may give implants longer life

A process that bonds the stuff from which bones are made onto the surface of artificial bone and joint implants may give longer life to as many as 600,000 implants a year.


Law, Social, Science, Physchology, Psychology, Memory

Inoculating Eyewitnesses Against Errors

More than 75,000 people become crime suspects each year in the United States based on being identified from lineups and photo spreads. Some identifications will be false and lead to mistaken arrests and imprisonments.



Pharmaceutical, Chemicals, Environment, Solvents, Hazardous Waste Disposal, Drugs

Replacement For Solvents

A solvent used in the food-processing trade is expected to help the pharmaceutical industry replace environmentally unfriendly and expensive solvents in the manufacture of drugs. By using supercritical carbon dioxide, or CO2, in the pharmaceutical process, researchers at the University of Kansas have successfully replaced some chemical solvents.


Hopkins, Chemistry, Biochemistry, RNA, DNA, Medicine, Antibiotics

Certain RNA, DNA proteins surprisingly similar

A Johns Hopkins discovery that certain proteins interacting with RNA or DNA have nearly identical shapes and function similarly came as a surprise and may help chemists find more effective antibiotics.

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