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Mortgage, Mortgage Crisis, Sub Prime Mortgage Crisis, Mortgage Revenue Bond, credit score, Local Banks, Banking

Some Banks Help Keep Mortgage Holders Out of Default

While the nation’s foreclosure crisis has focused blame on bad loan practices by some lenders, new research shows how some banks may have actually reduced the default risk of their homebuyers.



Babson Entrepreneurship Professors Among Authors Of The Life Cycle Of New Ventures - Emergence, Newness And Growth

Babson professors I. Elaine Allen, Candida Brush, Bradley George, Erik Noyes, and Andrew Zacharakis are among co-authors of The Life Cycle Of New Ventures Emergence, Newness and Growth, (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2010).



Executive MBA, Tsingtao Beer, U.S. China Relations, Shanghai, Chinese Business

Beer Industry’s David and Goliath Form Friendship at Olin Business School

What do beer industry giant Tsingtao and a St. Louis microbrewery have in common? Hops, barley and business school. Schlafly's brewmaster and Tsingtao's president are recent graduates of Olin Business School's Executive MBA program that provides a unique experience for students to network with peers around the globe and share stories from the executive suite over a glass of beer.



Entrepreneurs, exit strategy, Octane, Start Up Companies, Advice

Entrepreneurs Should Plan Exit Strategy Early


Plan your exit before you enter a new business market may sound like strange advice, but it comes from an expert in entrepreneurship with experience to prove it. Olin Business School professor Clifford Holekamp shares his expertise in the December issue of Octane, the award winning magazine of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization.


Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneur, Innovation, Biotechnology, Martek, Maryland, University Research, University Of Maryland, technology incubator

Tech Firm Joins ‘Billion Dollar Club’ – with University Help

The success of Martek Biosciences began more 15 years ago in a plain, brick building on the University of Maryland campus. With a good idea and nurturing from the school’s Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute (Mtech), the company recently joined the ‘Billion Dollar Club’ – selling for $1.1 billion – the latest in a string of successes for Mtech grads.



faultlines, Workplace, Injustice, Distress, unfairness

Workplace Faultlines Can Ease Psychological Distress Among Employees

Running counter to conventional thought, a research study shows that demographic faultlines can alleviate injustices within the workplace.



K-State, Kansas State University, Ethics, Business, Disorders, Decade, retrospective, 9-11, BP, Enron, Expert

Business Ethics Expert Reflects on Top Five Moments of the Decade

Diane Swanson, a professor of management and the chair of the business ethics education initiative at Kansas State University, is considered one of the foremost experts in the field of corporate ethics.



business technology

Professor Predicts Business Technological Trends for 2011

So what are the next big things for business in 2011? Brian Mennecke, an Iowa State University management information systems professor, has some ideas.





Arts and Humanities

cancer research journal

Newswise Launches News Alert Feeds by Topic

In a step toward delivering increasingly customized content to the media, Newswise has added RSS feeds to each Newswise Channel. This feature will provide instant alerts whenever a new article is posted on a range of popular topics, such as cancer research, heart disease, and technology.


Babson, MBA, West Coast, San Francisco, Fast Track

Babson College Signs Seven Year Lease For West Coast Location In San Francisco

Babson College, ranked #1 in the world in entrepreneurship, announced it has signed a lease on property in San Francisco’s South of Market (SOMA) neighborhood. This new facility, equipped with the latest classroom technologies and tele-presence capabilities, will house Babson’s Fast Track MBA program, effective with the next class that begins in March, 2011.

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