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Beatson Foundation Gift Kicks Off Joslin WebCare Project for Managing Diabetes

A $3.2-million award will fund first steps for innovative web services and support other initiatives in diabetes care and research.


AUTM, Association of University Technology Managers, Intellectual Property, AUTM, Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues

Association of University Technology Managers Praises Commission’s Report on the Bioethical Issues of Synthetic Biology

AUTM President Ashley J. Stevens, DPhil. (Oxon), CLP, to gave testimony to the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues.


startup companies, spinoff companies, Technology Transfer, Licensing, Rankings, Association of University Technology Managers

U of Utah: No. 1 Creator of Startup Companies

The University of Utah overtook MIT to become America’s No. 1 research institution when it comes to creating startup companies based on university technology, and it achieved the top ranking with a fraction of the research budget of other major universities.


Babson, MBA

Babson College Expands San Francisco Fast Track MBA Program

Babson College’s Fast Track MBA program is expected to double in size by March, just one year after the program was first launched.


Association of University Technology Managers, AUTM Licensing Activity Survey, Startups, Academic Commercialization, bayh-dole, AUTM, Intellectual Property

Universities Report Startup Creation, Licensing Activity and License Income Strong Despite Recession

AUTM announces the release of the AUTM U.S. Licensing Activity Survey: FY2009. The survey shares quantitative information about licensing activities at U.S. universities, hospitals and research institutions.


Veteran, Entreprenership, Syracsue Unviersity, Grant

EBV Program Receives Grant from New York Bar Foundation

Grant part of investment in technology sector and entrepreneurship among disabled military veterans.


Florida State University, Computer Science, Mike Burmester, David Whalley, Military, Department Of Homeland Security

Cyber Corps Enlists Florida State University Students to Protect National Security

Nearly 60 Florida State University graduate students in computer science will serve on America’s front line of defense in protecting the nation’s information infrastructure from cyberterrorism.



Workplace, Training, diversity training, Workforce, ethnic workplace, ethnic workforce, ethnic labor force

Executives Who Perceive Diversity Training to be Positive Are More Satisfied with Their Careers


Managers and executives who find value in diversity training are more committed to their organizations and satisfied with their careers than those who perceive training to be ineffective, suggest researchers from Ryerson University’s Diversity Institute in Management and Technology.


Disability, Economy, syracuse university, burton blatt institute, Entrepreneur, Unemployment, Onondaga County, Business, Town And Gown

Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Launch Nearly 50 Businesses in Central New York

Start-Up NY/Inclusive Entrepreneurship™ results in self-employment for residents with disabilities. Syracuse University and its partners are currently replicating the Inclusive Entrepreneurship tm model in Manhattan, and it is being used as a model for similar initiatives throughout New York State and even internationally.




Fertilizer, Pollution, Chesapeake Bay, farm runoff, nutrient management, nutrient trading, Carbon Trading, multiple trading markets, Center For Integrative Environmental Research, Maryland Department of the Environment

Proposed Fertilizer ‘Credit’ System Would Benefit Bay, Air, Farmers


Creating a trading market giving farmers financial incentives for using best fertilizer practices can benefit water quality, help fight climate change, and raise farmer income, finds a new study by the University of Maryland's Center for Integrative Environmental Research. Md. is one of a handful of states considering both fertilizer and CO2 markets.

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