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Why CEOs Might Lack Creative Leadership

Creativity might be the trait many CEOs say is essential for senior leadership, but Cornell University research finds it can actually block you from reaching the top slots.


Cancer Research Institute, Cancer Vaccine, Cancer Vaccine Collaborative, Cancer Vaccine Acceleration Fund, Tolerx, TRX518, Immunotherapy, Antibody, venture philanthropy

Cancer Research Institute Announces Launch of Cancer Vaccine Acceleration Fund

New model of venture philanthropy aims to improve cancer patient care sooner by speeding development of highly promising cancer immunotherapies.



budget management, Professional Development, Wages, organizational commitment, Management

Management Professors Study the Impact of Career Growth on Organizational Commitment

Companies that have made recent wage and professional development cuts may want to start re-investing in their valued employees if they want to keep them according to a study in December's Journal of Vocational Behavior.



Professionalism, Workplace, young workers, Etiquette, Business, Employees, Human Resources

Professionalism “Less than Desired” in Entry-Level Employees


Researchers at the Center for Professional Excellence (CPE) at York College of Pennsylvania continue to find that students aren’t making the grade as professionals in the workplace, according to the annual nationwide survey on the state of professionalism among young workers.



Cybersecurity, Financial services, International Commerce, Health Care, Smart Grid, Computer Security, Electronic Infrastructure, Banking, Banking System, Finance Sector, Identity Management, Critical Infrastructure, cyber infrastructure

Financial Services Sector Signs Cybersecurity Research Agreement with NIST, DHS

NIST has joined in a new public-private partnership to spur cybersecurity innovation in the financial services sector.


Baldrige Award, Baldrige Performance Excellence Program, Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, Balridge Criteria

First Set of Baldrige Criteria for 2011-2012 Now Online

The Baldrige Performance Excellence Program has announced that the 2011-2012 Criteria for Performance Excellence for businesses and nonprofit organizations are now available for download.


Energy Star Awards, NVLAP


ENERGY STAR, the national program to promote energy efficiency, has recognized NIST’s National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) as an accrediting body. NVLAP accreditation will be a necessary first step for a laboratory’s test data to be accepted under the enhanced ENERGY STAR program.


Arra, Science Fellowships, Engineering Fellowships

New Round of NIST-ARRA Fellowships Announced

NIST’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (NIST-ARRA) Measurement Science and Engineering Fellowship Program has announced its third round of applications for undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral, and senior research positions.


Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, Baldrige Award, Baldrige Program, Baldrige Examiners

Baldrige Needs the Best of the Best as Examiners

NIST is seeking exceptional individuals to serve on the 2011 Board of Examiners for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.



Law and Public Policy


Cybersecurity, cybersafety, cyberassurance, Cyber War, WikiLeaks, University Of Maryland, cyber workforce

Proposed U.S. Legislation and WikiLeaks Attacks Make Case for UMD's Approach to Cybersecurity


At UMD’s Maryland Cybersecurity Center launch, U.S. Sen. Ben Cardin proposed major "cybersafety" legislation. Former U.S. Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell warned of a "catastrophic" cyber event, likely aimed at the computer networks crucial to banking and commerce, power, utility and transportation grids. View it at

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