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Middle, East, Peace, Economic, Alliances, World, Trade

Road To Peace In The Middle East: Economic?

Economic cooperation offers the Middle East such clear benefits that it will eventually prevail over hostility. Jerry Rosenberg, Professor and Chair of International Business at Rutgers, and an active participant at mid-east economic summits, has a model for such cooperation.


Management, Japanese, Multicultural

Do Japanese Manager Western Workers Differently?

Japanese managers are more likely to use reason, reciprocity, and rewards--and to be more controlling--in dealing with Western subordinates, says Asha Rao, Assistant Professor of Managemnent at Rutgers Graduate School of Management.


Business, Change, Manufacturing, Marketplace, Workers, Labor, Planning

Report Maps "Next Generation" Survival Issues

In a 15-month study, more than 50 leading U.S. manufacturers joined with academic researchers and government experts to identify forces likely to shape competition into the next century. Rapid marketplace change, the Next Generation Manufacturing Project concludes, will require an unprecedented shift in how manufacturers employ and train workers, use information technology, and design plants and equipment.



Fisheries, Conservation, Pollock, By Catch, Alaska, Fishing, Industry

In Alaska, A New Net Protects Juvenile Fish

Wildlife Conservation Society researcher develops a new trawl net that drastrically reduces the number of undersized fish caught in the high-volume commercial pollock fishery -- the world's largest trawl fishery. In the U.S. alone, pollock catches $6 billion in 1994. This new net will affect this industry with in the next year.



Pentium, Computers, Microprocessors, Languages, www

WWW Users Experience Hard- and Software Problems

The new Intel Pentium MMX microprocessor may lure buyers because a new study shows a majority of current World Wide Web users have begun to experience hardware and software problems when attempting to test new innovations.



Tax Reform, Environmental Policy, Climate Change

Tax Reform's Environmental Implications

National tax reform may have a substantial impact on the environment as well as on economic growth, researchers at Resources for the Future and Stanford University suggest. They have recently launched a study of the environmental implications of three alternative tax plans -- the flat tax, the national sales tax, and the unlimited savings account tax -- now under discussion in Congress.


Agibusiness, Economics, Marketing, Agriculture

Purdue center links academia, agribusiness

Purdue University's Center for Agricultural Business (CAB) is celebrating its 10th year as a link between the university and the agricultural marketplace.


Product, Development, Competition, Japan, U.S., Electronics, Superiority

Survey Says Superior Products May Be Bad

Relatively small U.S. companies probably should not invest the money that is needed to develop industrial products which are technically superior and have superior performance.

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