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– Newswise|2017-04-17

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center to lead $11.5M breast cancer consortium


The National Cancer Institute has awarded $11.5 million to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center to lead a five-year, Seattle-based breast cancer research consortium. The goal of the endeavor is to positively impact breast cancer prevention, detection, treatment and care of women who have or are at risk for the disease.

–University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center|2016-09-29

Will Electric Cars Flame Out Or Power Our Future Driving Needs?

Arthur Wheaton, senior extension associate at Cornell University’s ILR School, comments on the recent J.D. Power & Associates report concluding that battery-powered cars are “overhyped.”

–Cornell University|2010-10-28

Courses Charge Up Future Electric-Vehicle Engineers

When Dr. Mehdi Ferdowsi and Ph.D. student Andrew Meintz offered the inaugural class on electric and hybrid vehicles last January at Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T), they made an instant connection with students from a variety of engineering disciplines.

–Missouri University of Science and Technology|2010-08-12

Toyota’s $50 Million Investment in Tesla a Good Move, but Requires Zero-Emission Legislation for Long-Term Success

The long-term viability of a Tesla plant is almost entirely dependent on legislation to force people to drive zero-emission vehicles. Art Wheaton, senior extension associate in workforce, industry and economic development in Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations, comments on Toyota’s $50 million investment in Tesla Motors.

–Cornell University|2010-05-21

Sandia’s Bob Carling to Speak at Upcoming Conference on Future Auto Engines


Bob Carling, director of Sandia National Laboratories’ Transportation Energy Center in California, will give a plenary presentation on May 31 at 10 a.m. local time during the 11th International Conference on Present and Future Engines for Automobiles. The conference is scheduled to run May 30-June 3 in Shanghai, China.

–Sandia National Laboratories|2010-05-11

Early Repayment Shows GM Is Growing Stronger: Cornell Expert

Art Wheaton, senior extension associate in workforce, industry and economic development in Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations, comments on the implications of General Motors repayment of U.S. and Canadian government loans ahead of schedule.

–Cornell University|2010-04-21

Leading Index for Indiana Languished in January

The unenergetic progress shown by the Leading Index for Indiana (LII) over the last couple of months came to a stop in January.

–Indiana University|2010-02-18

Safety Expert: Toyota Problems Could Distract from Serious Issues


Toyota's recall problems may cause government and the public to steer away from more effective safety-improvement strategies, says auto safety expert John Graham at Indiana University.

–Indiana University|2010-02-11

Product Recalls: Ethics and Business Impacts

Two UofU faculty members offer their insights into the behavioral and operational questions involved in product recalls like that underway at Toyota.

–University of Utah|2010-02-11

Washington and Lee University Economic Expert on Toyota

Washington and Lee University economist Michael Smitka says that Toyota’s current dilemma results from a perfect storm of factors that include rapid expansion that led to strained resources and wishful thinking, both amplified by a parochial management structure.

–Washington and Lee University|2010-02-09

Northeastern University Legal Expert for Toyota Recall

Tim Howard, J.D., Florida State University, Ph.D., Northeastern University, Director of and a faculty member for Northeastern University College of Professional Studies' Doctorate Program in Law & Policy.

–Northeastern University|2010-02-09

Additional Incentives Would Aid Toyota's Comeback, PR Researcher Says

Toyota will bounce back but there is no doubt that the car maker made some significant PR missteps, reports a scholar of public relations ethics.

–Dick Jones Communications|2010-02-09

Toyota Recall Helps U.S. Carmakers Only in Short Term, Says Expert On Global Political Economy

Toyota's recent recalls of almost 8 million vehicles worldwide, most for defective accelerator pedals linked to sudden acceleration, has put a dent in the company's reputation.

–University of Virginia|2010-02-09

Despite Recalls, Researcher Thinks Toyota Will Escape Long-Term Damage to Reputation

University of Iowa management professor and manufacturing expert Barrett Thomas thinks Toyota will find the design process problems that caused its cars to be recalled and work them out.

–University of Iowa|2010-02-05

Expert Comment: Expert Available to Discuss Toyota’s Recall

Dr. Kenneth Ragsdell, a professor of engineering management at Missouri University of Science and Technology, has advised U.S. and foreign carmakers, including General Motors and Nissan, since 1968. He has worked with three GM presidents over the years.

–Missouri University of Science and Technology|2010-02-05

New AAAS Fellow Takes the Wheel on Researching Greener Autos

According to one Ryerson University researcher and newly elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the key to greener vehicles is found in magnesium alloys.

–Ryerson University|2010-01-28

Expert: Toyota’s Shutdown of Eight Popular Vehicles Could Impact Company’s Long-term Sales

Art Wheaton, Cornell University automotive industry expert, comments on the impact of accelerator-part problems in several Toyota cars and trucks.

–Cornell University|2010-01-27

U.S. ITER Awards Agreement for Tokamak Cooling Water System

The U.S. ITER Project Office at Oak Ridge National Laboratory has awarded a basic ordering agreement for design and fabrication of the Tokamak Cooling Water System (TCWS) – a major U.S. contribution to the ITER Project – to AREVA Federal Services LLC of Charlotte, N.C.

–Oak Ridge National Laboratory|2010-01-19

AutoPort to Roll Out First Cars Equipped with V2G Technology


A University of Delaware technology that could change the energy world is now on a roll. The University of Delaware has signed the first license for its vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology with AutoPort, Inc., a major vehicle processing and modification facility in New Castle, Del. Under the terms of the licensing agreement, AutoPort has been granted non-exclusive rights in the area of commercial fleet vehicles.

–University of Delaware|2010-01-19

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