• Newswise is one of my absolute favorite vehicles for getting media attention. It is so user-friendly to enter (and edit) stuff; you all are incredibly helpful; the format of Newswise looks professional; and it clearly has a wider audience...

    —Terry Goodrich, Baylor University

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  • I think the response we received to a story on Iran's ancient history being digitized proves the importance and value of Newswise to me as a public information officer. This is the kind of story that would otherwise be hard to place,...

    —Bill Harms, University of Chicago

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  • While we are continually amazed at the worldwide pick-up of our stories thanks in large part to the reach and respect for Newswise, the easy-access, patient and incredibly helpful customer support we receive from Newswise staff is the...

    —Jeannie Jones Manzer, South Dakota State University

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  • As an independent public relations professional, I rely on the knowledge that when a medical/health writer sees the Newswise name, they know the content they’re receiving will be relevant and timely. In addition, I know I will be...

    —Leni Kass, RealTime Communications

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  • We received quite a number of Newswise Wire follow-up calls,” Savoie explained. “Most lead to stories by reporters. The wire aggregated the stories into one email, and reporters appreciate this organization. A significant portion...

    —Keely Savoie, American Thoracic Society (ATS)

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  • In terms of media response to the "No Soap" posting, we got an email from a senior research editor at REDBOOK who was interested in interviewing John Cmar, M.D.... O Magazine called one of my colleagues, Helene King, in response to a...

    —Holly Hosler, LifeBridge Health

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  • Your service is one of the most dependable and reliable out there. The bonus is that the content is rich, timely and oh-so useful.

    —Freelance Journalist

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  • You guys make it so easy!!
    I love contributing stories to Newswise!
    I also appreciate the easy access to reports and real time hits.

    —Melody Walker, Washington University in St. Louis

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  • Newswise is one-stop shopping for learning about the latest science/health news coming out of educational institutions, professional associations, think tanks and businesses.

    —Pam Willenz, Communications Professional and former Manager of Public Affairs for American Psychological Association

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  • I've been visiting Newswise just about every day -- either directly or through Alltop -- and checking the business and latest news sections each time.


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  • I go to the site regularly and read all the articles.

    —Freelance Journalist and Author

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  • I use Newswise daily and I just check all the newly updated articles


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  • Newswise has been very resourceful for us here at Laboratory Equipment magazine.


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  • I use it all the time.

    —Producer, Major Broadcast Outlet

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  • I read your Newswise news summary almost every day


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  • Your service is invaluable to me as a freelance writer, and I used it for four science articles last week. I really like the site and am currently using it as my primary source for story ideas.

    —Freelance Reporter

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